Amagi Yukiko
15 April 2030 @ 08:36 am
If there's anything you'd like to thread out with Yukiko that doesn't seem to really fit in anywhere else, feel free to post here. Just be sure to include the date and whether it's voice/action/what have you!

...Maybe I'll make this pretty when I'm no longer cross-eyed.
Amagi Yukiko
18 September 2012 @ 11:15 am


[The voice seems to go quiet, save a few names being muttered under her breath. Though the only two that may even be remotely familiar to anyone is "Chie" and "Naoto-kun" before she notices the book her hand was lying on earlier. She seems a little hesitant when she picks it up.]

─ Where am I? [She seems to pause a moment to thinking.] I know this can't be the inn, so...

Um, excuse me but... can anyone hear me?

[...This new girl doesn't seem to have realized that the journal is a communicator.]


[People in Community Housing Building 4? There is a confused-looking teenage girl wearing a new feather gown in the kitchen of the third floor. You may want to steer her away from the cooking supplies... and fast. That is, if she hasn't begun wandering around on her own already. Feel free to spot her elsewhere! enjoy the nightmares, souji-kun.]